Saturday, 20 February 2010

A little bit of spending...

I had to go to the shops today to get my sister a Birthday present. Seeing as payday isn't until Friday i couldn't spend anything. But i do have a lot of points on my Boots card, and by chance stumbled on the Pure make up stand. Everything was being sold off at half price.

To be honest there wasn't much left, and all the lipglosses were gooey and sticky on the outside, but after a good rifle through i found some gems. I got a Kajal eyeliner in Seductive Grey, a Single eyeshadow in Frosty White, an eyeshadow cube in Gold Sand, and a Palette in Party.
Pure isn't a brand i've tried before, but the packaging is really compact and smart. I've had a quick swatch and i have to say i'm super impressed with the quality and intensity of the colours. I can't wait to give them a try!