Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My Wish List

I have been doing pretty well with my self imposed spending ban, but i'm getting increasingly frustrated not being able to buy anything and especially watching the Style Black collection come and go. So to cheer myself up i thought i'd create a wish list.

If someone gave me a couple of grand and said i had to spend it instantly (i wish) this is perhaps what i'd buy:

MAC lipglass set from the soon to be released holiday collection
MAC Baroque Boudoir collection (it all looks beatiful)

AOFM Make Up is Art book

Chanel necklace

Eyeko nail polish

Estee Lauder Ulitimate Red Collection (particularly that lovely highlight compact)
Dior Addict 2
Chanel bag

Chanel 'double c' earrings

Benefit Georgia blush
Urban Decay 24/7 super stash liners
That was almost as fun as shopping... kind of. (^_^)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Something For The Ears 1

Right now my soundtrack is:

  1. Kasabian- Underdog
  2. La Roux- Tigerlily
  3. IAMX- The Stupid, The Proud
  4. The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition
  5. Ian Brown- For The Glory
  6. Cerys Mathews- Arlington Way
  7. Ladytron- The Lovers
  8. Mumford & Sons- Little Lion Man
  9. Muse- Exogenisis- Symphony Part 1 (Overture)
  10. Robbie Williams- Tripping
  11. Gwen Stefani- 4 in the Morning (Thin White Duke Mix)
  12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll
  13. Glasvegas- Fuck You It's Over
  14. All Saints- Dreams
  15. Kasabian- West Ryder Silver Bullet
  16. IAMX-Thinking Out Loud
As well as make up my other passion is music. I have a hugely electic taste in music and love everything from Dusty Springfield to Roots Manuva and everything in between. This is a list of stuff i've had playing a lot lately.

Oh, and i'm pleased to see Tom from Kasabian has cut all his long hair off... very nice <3 ^_^

Playing with make up 2

'Lizard Girl'

I tried to create a scaley, shadowy look using stencils, sponges, and different shades of dazzle dusts & pigments. I also brushed on some bronze as a contour/highlight. Lots of wet look hair gel was slopped on the hair (sorry Kirst!)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Playing with make up 1

What better thing to do on a boring Sunday than be creative with make up. This is what i came up with...
I am also going to enter this into pixiwoo's competition (I already have ideas for more designs!)
Oh,and thanks to Kirst for letting me give her a black eye (^_^)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

A little review of ELF make up brushes...

(from L-R) 1. ELF studio powder brush, ELF studio complextion brush, Elf studio angled foundation brush, foundation brush, blending eye brush, eyeliner brush, eye shadow brush.

1. ELF studio powder brush. This brush is super soft, and looks really profesional considering its £3.50 price tag. I've been mainly using this for blush in the vein of a Mac 109 and have found no shedding at all. It blends really well, and picks up loads of products. My only one little moan is that i think perhaps making the head a little smaller would be a benefit, but otherwise i think this brush is very very nice indeed. 4/5

2. ELF studio complexion brush. This brush is most definately my favourite of them all. It's so soft i could just brush my face with it all day! This is great value at £3.50. You can use this for all sorts, face powder, blush, bronzer etc... I've found it particularly good for applying my face powder. The brush is really dense so as well as picking up a lot of product it buffs it in really well, so there's no patchiness or streaks. 5/5

3. ELF studio angled foundation brush. (£3.50) I tried applying foundation with this brush, and although the finish was not bad i found the brush to be nothing special. The brush was so small it took ages, although the angled shape was useful for the eye area i found the brush to be quite flimsy so had to really work the foundation in. I probably wouldn't use this to apply foundation again, but think this would be good for blending in concealer- especially round the eye area. 3/5

4. Foundation brush. Simply put this brush is awful! Small and flimsy, applying foundation with this brush is a nightmare, for £1.50 i wasn't expecting anything amazing but this is just not worth it. 0/5

5. Blending eye brush. This brush on the other hand was brilliant. Amazing value at £1.50 i've since stocked up. It works as a cheap dupe of a Mac 217, and is brilliant for blending eye shadow. I've also found this brush useful for touching up areas with face powder- particularly under the eye. Really good quality, and does a great job. 5/5

6. Eye liner brush. (1.50) This brush was pretty terible. i't's a flat top but is far to thick and flimsy to be precise with eyeliner, i say stick with the good ol' Mac 266! 0/5

7. Eye shadow brush. Lastly the eye shadow, which was another brilliant one. It cost £1.50, and is a great dupe for the Mac 239. Short haired and very dense it picks up tons of eyeshadow for easy application. I love it! 5/5

So a mixed bag, but some great brushes among them, and the value is staggeringly good. I'm going to go and brush my face with the complexion brush now!! (^_^)

Today my nails are...

Rose Libertine by Rimmel