Sunday, 27 September 2009

A little review of Barry M blusher

First of all i want to say i'm a big fan of Barry M cosmetics, and of all the products i've tried i've always been very impressed. When i found out they were bringing out a range of blushers i was very excited and keen to give them a go.
The colour i got was 'rose'and was £4.50. My initial reaction was a bit disappointing because the packaging is very tacky & cheap looking as i know a lot of other people have mentioned. The blusher came with a rubbish little brush which it could have easily done without.
The colour pay off on these is very strong and a little goes a very long way. I think naming this shade rose was wrong because its nothing like rose and is actually more of a bright, almost neon pink. The powder is very fine and super soft which is very nice, and blends well.
My other moan about this product is the smell. It has such a strong smell of cheap's awful! So i had a mixed opinion on this product. Would i buy another? Not sure to be honest, there's so many brands that make much better blushers i think i may give the other shades a miss.
My rating: 2.5/5

A tiny little spree

Well, i'm trying really hard to be good but seeing as payday has rolled round i couldn't let it pass without buying a few bits. Although i'm supposed to be having a spending ban and have technically failed after one day i have spent a lot less than normal.... (this is a terrible excuse to ease my conscience. Humour me!)

I wanted to buy some nice heels for Saturday night as i was going out, but didn't want to spend a lot. I saw these ruby red kitten heels in Asda for £12 and thought they'd be perfect. I am useless at walking in heels and these are a cute little heel which is managable for me :)

Also in Asda i found some cute glittery pink heart shape earrings which were half price so cost just £1.50, and a supercute velvety hairband with sequin covered cat ears on from the halloween section. I love this!! it was just £2. As well as that i got a red and pink beaded Snow White bracelet to please my inner child (£3).
Then in Dorothy Perkins i got another bargain- a huge chunky silver ring which was half price costing £3.50,and in River Island a gold necklace with chunky lettering reading 'love'. This cost £7.99 and i was probably a bit naughty getting it, but i know i'll wear this loads.
Last week i also got my Avon order,which in my defence i'd ordered a while back-before 'The Spending Ban'. I got a lipstick in 'apricot glow' which i've been wearing a lot and love the colour. I got a cuticle balm which is in a very cute little tin, and a 3 in 1 colour stick in shimmering bronze. This can be used on the lips,eyes, and as a bronzer. I've tried it on my own lips and the colour just doesn't work at all, although the formulation is nice and creamy. I'll try it as an eyeshadow base i think...

Sunday, 20 September 2009

A graphic garden mac spree

Well when i found out the graphic garden collection was available online only i promised myself i would resist. Unfortunately after a bad week i gave into temptation and bought the 2 items that i'd had my eye on. When the package arrived it did make me feel a bit better and they are very nice so i'll let myself off... :-)

The first thing i got was the define & blend brush set. The packaging for this collection is beautiful. It arrived in a floral print box, which contained the lovely patent make up bag, which in turn contained the mac print brush pouch. The 5 brushes in this set were the 129SE, 190SE, 209SE, 219SE and 252SE.

I then also got the fresh cut eyeshadow palette. This again came in a lovely box, and the compact itself is metal with a hologram design on the front. The eyeshadows inside are Floral Inc., Sun-Shy, Fresh Cut, Poppy Noir, Bloomcycle and Part Peony. All very lovely autumn colours.
I am glad i bought these, as the graphic garden was the one collection that really caught my eye. I have now made a promise to myself that i am going to cut spending for a whole month and start saving for Christmas which is looming roud the corner. So i'm going to start using and appreciating all the many products i already own :-)

Lets see how long i can last!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

An internet shopping spree

Here are just a few bits i bought on the internet last week....

I paid a visit to ELF (i think this brand is a new obsession) the prices are cheap, but i've been really impressed by the quality of the products. I bought an eyeshadow brush, and eyeshadow blending brush both £1.50 each (i already have some of these but they are brilliant) a foundation brush,and angled foundation brush and a plumping lip glaze in 'oasis' (all £1.50 each)

Then from the studio line i bought an angled foundation brush, a flat top powder brush, and a bronzer in 'golden' (all £3.50 each)

I then bought a couple of bits from Barry M's site. I bought a nail paint in 'Pink Flamingo' after much searching everytime i go to Boots & Superdrug (they never have it), i also wanted to give their new blusher range a go- i bought one in 'blusher 2' and lastly a lip brush which was a nice little bargain at £1.95.
Both, were great service- the delivery was superfast and a nice suprise after a long day at work :-)

A little review of Sleek pout polish lip conditioner

I've only recently found a Superdrug that stocks these after much searching and i bought 2 shades- electric peach (a coral colour), and pink cadlilac (you guessed it, a pink colour!)

I've been using the electric peach all week since i bought it and i think the product is great. The first pleasant suprise about the product was that the pigmentation was so strong! i was expecting a very sheer colour but you only need to put this on sparingly. It's long lasting, nicely moisturising, smells lovely (like vanilla), nice packaging, and a nice price :-)

The main thing i noticed about these is how very similar they are to the Mac lip conditioners. They are very similar colours (Sleek have 4 colours, Mac have 6 i think), they look the same, smell the same (see comparison pic below). There's really only 2 differences: firstly the Sleek version has a lot stronger pigmentation then the Mac, and secondly the price- Sleek are under £4 and Mac are over a tenner!

Overall, thumbs up to Sleek. A lovely product, that's great value :-)

(L-R: Mac lip conditioner in gentle coral, Sleep lip conditioner in electric peach)

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Mac spree!

I'm so please because i finally have my Mac pro discount so in celebration i rushed off to Mac in Birmingham (the staff are lovely there) and bought some things for my kit. I got:
  • 311 brush
  • 224 brush
  • Lustreglass in Love Nectar
  • Lipglass in Nymphette
  • Cremesheen lipstick in creme cup (this is AMAZING!)
  • Satin lipstick in Snob
I also got some eyeshadow pans for my kit palette (L-R):
  • Vanilla
  • Brulee
  • Wedge
  • Mystery
  • Carbon
Thought i'd start with the basics :-)
The only bad thing was that they don'tstock the graphic garden collection... they said this was an internet and Harvey Nichols exclusive, soi was a bit gutted about that :-( oh well!

Collective shopping spree

Just some pics of the things i've bought in the past week or so...

These are the things i bought from they do some really lovely cute jewellery. I got some dangly swallow earrings and a £10 lucky dip bag (i can't resist lucky dip bags!) which contained some heart studs, cute gold and pearl bow studs, a long owl necklace, a long horse necklace and some dangly gold heart earrings.

Spending yet another £5 n0.7 voucher (and yes with this purchase i got ANOTHER!) it was also 3 for 2 so i got: (L-R) Soft Damson blush, Coral Flush blush, and Maple Silk cream blush.

In Superdrug i bought Sleek tinted lip conditioners in Electro Peach & Pink Cadiilac (these are really hard to find!!), Barry M nail paint in Cobalt Blue, and as Gosh was on 3 for 2 i bought a nail polish in Deep Purple, and a velvet touch lipliner in Nougat Crisp (weird name), and an effec powder in Meringue. This is basically their version of a dazzle dust or pigment so i'm interested to see what they're like..

I also got my Avon order this week-i got Planet Spa japanese sake and rice face mask, Planet Spa african shea butter foot & elbow cream (smells amazing), and liiv botanicals in harmony eau de toilette.