Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A little Review of Maxfactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

As soon as i saw these lip tints i had to pick one up- just for the fact that they look like a felt tip pen alone! The colour choice is a little lacklustre, but i chose shade 04 (bottom in picture), a nice rosey red.

My experience with lip tints and stains in the past hasn't been great. I find they just don't last, have an awful taste, and they are in akward packaging i.e liquid filled pots that resemble nail polish think Benetint, or Bourjouis. That's where this product comes in. A practical design that makes applying easy, and is perfect to chuck in your bag.

Onto the product itself. Maxfactor recommends using the tip to line the lips, and then the whole of the nib to fill in. This worked great on the first few applications. A gentle hint of colour that was very flattering. But after a few uses the pen seemed to dry out, and i could hardly get any colour from the nib. I stored it upright overnight, and that seemed to give it a bit of life, but obviously storing it upright constantly is not practical if you are carrying it around with you.

The lip tint has the word lasting in the title, but is unfortunately not true. As soon as i had a drink or food, it disapeared. So it would need to be reapplied often.

In fairness, i rate this pretty much the same as every other lip tint i've tried. (with the exception of a 17 berry lipstain i used to obsessively use as a teenager, which was amazing but sadly no longer exists!) The thing that makes it stand out is the interesting felt pen style packaging, but this is also it's downfall.

It reminds me of those cheap felt pens that last about a nano second before the dry up. But, i do like the colour, and if the drying up problem was sorted it would be great.


Monday, 20 December 2010

Some New Things

Although most of my shopping of late has been Christmas presents, amongst that i picked up a few little bits...

The Sleek Sparkle pallete. I wasn't really taken with this but inexplicably bought it anyway. I think i had the urge to complete my collection, and well, it's glittery! Time will tell, but i'm not sure about it yet.

I'm in love with the 'Runway collection' of jewellery at Next. Big, chunky, sparkly, strange... exactly what i look for in accessories. The necklace is MASSIVE!!

Nail polish from Models Own, and Eyeko

A No.7 Bronzer gift set. I fell for the adorable packaging, but the kabuki is amazingly soft and effective. The powders are different themed bronzers- a highlighting bronzer, a blush/bronzer mosaic, and a bronzer duo. Would make a lovely gift.

And finally some Irresistable Hello Kitty lip balms from H&M. Irresistable,that is if like me you are obsessed with both lip balms and Hello Kitty.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Cute Christmas

I haven't been on here for ages, have been madly busy at work. But due to the snow my planed night out with work mates has been cancelled, so i thought i would take this oportunity to make a quick post.

I just wanted to wish all the lovely people who stop by my little old blog a lovely Christmas time, and thanks for visiting here :) and here's some cute Christmas pics to make you smile (^_^)
When time permits i have many reviews incoming... now it's time to catch up with my favourite blogs.