Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My September Favourites...

Here are the things i've loved this month....

  • (l-r) Avon cherry blossom daily hair refresher. Smells beautiful, and fresh on tired hair, way better than Batiste and the like.

  • Maybelline dream creamy foundation. Easy to apply, and looks and feels light and natural.

  • Bourjois intense eyeshadow shade 3. Subtle daytime eyeshadow with sparkle, and strong pigmentation.

  • Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood lipgloss. Soft pink colour, and not too sticky.

  • NYC Natural Matte foundation. See my review a few posts ago.

  • H&M Nail polish in Come Rain. Pewter with sparkle, perfect September colour!

  • Boots 17 Nail polish in Fury. The most beautiful bronze i've seen, literally like liquid metal.

  • NYC Chroma Face Glow in Sunstone. Compliments my freckles and red hair perfectly. Like a Mac MSF at about a 1/20 of the price :)

  • Scandalous Rock Chick Wave Spray. If you have curly hair you have to try this. Gives my hair great volume, and defined curls.


Monday, 26 September 2011

A little Review of Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner...

This is a review of the sample satchets i recieved in my Glossybox.

The blurb: for longer, stronger hair. Adds bounce, body & shine. ideal for colour treated hair. Prevents frizz. Rainforest grown 100% natural, organic.

So firsty, for the above full size products it would cost you £26 for the shampoo, and £27.50 for the conditioner. Which i think is crazily expensive.

What i thought: The shampoo was very liquidy and had a slight medicated smell to it (like a weaker TGel) which i found a little off putting- It lathered up nicely though. The conditioner was a better consistancy, but didn't really have a smell.

Once dried did my hair live up to the above claims? Well it felt nice, and did look a lot shinier than usual. But it didn't have bounce or body, or less frizz (i have long curly coloured hair.)

To be honest, i think i prefer my normal shampoo & conditioner (Dove, or Tresemme) and i most definitely prefer their price. I'm not particularly bothered about products being organic, or natural which seems to be Rahua main selling point. It was nice to try, but i would not consider buying the fullsize.

Overall 2/5


Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Skincare Essentials

When it comes to skincare, i get bored easily and always like to try new things. But there are a few products which i always stick with...

  • Clinique liquid facial soap in Mild. This makes my face feel so fresh and silky soft i love it.

  • Witch Stick. The only thing that seems to work when i get spots.

  • St Ives Apricot scrub. I use this on my face once a week, it's nice and gentle and definitely keeps my skin a lot clearer.

  • Simple cleansing facial wipes. I use these to remove my make up, they are soft and gentle.

  • Sudocreme. I love the smell of this! I use this on any skin irritations, and it works a treat.

  • The Body Shop Satsuma body polish. Smoothes skin wonderfully, and smells divine.

  • E45 Moisturising Lotion. The only body moisturiser i can use that doesn't bring out an allergic reaction. It has no scent or colour, but really does make skin soft.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Very Quick Glossybox Post...

Seeing as you've no doubt read about a million Glossybox posts already, i'll keep this short and sweet.

I've always been quite aloof towards the whole Glossybox thing, especially after seeing a few more than disappointing boxes on various youtube videos and blog posts. But then i saw this months box contained a HD Brows compact full size- £20+ worth of product, and i weakened. I ordered a box, and depending on next months contents i'll see if i stay subscribed.

I'm very happy with what i got, and other than the perfume will use it all. The other thing that intrigued me was the Moa Green Balm. Which after research have found it can be used for dry, itchy skin, bumps, grazes, bites, burns, and after shaving. Which sounds very interesting. I'll shut up about Glossybox now!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Little Review of NYC Natural Matte Foundation...

I bought this on a whim, after being impressed with the other NYC products i'd tried. To be honest i was expecting it to be pretty awful- a foundation costing £2.50 surely had to be.

The first time i tried it my face was as red as a tomato after stupidly forgetting to put suncream on, on a day to the beach. This foundation covered and neutralised my bright red forehead like a dream. It is easy to blend into the skin, and gives a nice even coverage. It feels nice and light to wear and lasted all day, so i would agree with its claim of 8 hours.

Overall, i can't find a fault with this foundation. The price is bloody brilliant as well. Hugely recommended!


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My voice sounds weird on video...

As well as reading up on blogs my other obsession is watching youtube videos. I love watching hauls and reviews etc...

So i've decided to give it a go myself and try making a few videos. I'm not yet comfortable with showing my face on camera- i find it weird sitting there talking to myself. So it's just my lovely hands on show!

If you have a spare few mins here's my attempt on a 'what's in my make up bag video'. My channel has a small collection of other videos on there as well.

Does anyone else think their voice sounds so strange when they hear it on video?


Thursday, 1 September 2011

A very late Birthday haul and other stuff....

Firstly sorry for the lack of posts lately, although i do have good reason for going blog awol for a month. I've been busy moving to a new place, and now i've got my internet sorted and i'm (mostly) unpacked i thought i'd start with a birthday/collective haul type thing.

It was my Birthday on August the 8th, and i turned 25...eek! I got some lovely things, and there may be a long time until the next haul, seeing as im spending all my spare cash on household things lately (I did really need that hot pink bin, and matching washing up bowl!).
So here goes...

First up this really cute Me & Zena necklace

This is the Clinique gift that came with the below face wash and high impact mascara.

A load of Sleek pout paints, i love these and plan to post a review soon.

Some pressed powder from Mac, as well as beauty marked eyeshadow, and a lipgloss.

Some goodies from a trip to Superdrug.

A Tokidoki for Smashbox eyeshadow quad, and Benefit concealer set, and a perfume from M&S called Butterfly that smells of watermelon yum!

Shower gels from The Body Shop- as you can see i can't get enough of these. My favourite is satsuma.

And how could i call this a haul without some Hello Kitty!?

And, finally a Paul's Boutique bag called 'Jackie'. It is absolutely huge, and very lovely.

Thanks for reading (^_^)