Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So this is Christmas...?

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow, and for once in my life not only have i bought all my presents but they are all wrapped and under the tree. Tomorrow will be a stress free zone, and i won't be rushing about tomorrow night frantically wrapping things. So i'm feeling quite smug... even though i can't find the obligitory novelty socks that i'd bought my Dad ages ago.

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. Whatever crap is going on in your life, you can put it aside for a few days and just have a good time. Christmas to me is about loads of tinsel, and a tree covered in fairy lights. It's about having a sing along to the most cheesiest songs ever (but cheesy is good at Xmas!) The best Christmas song of course being by Wham! But you can't beat a bit of Slade, or Shakin Stevens! haha

Of course you can't beat the array of seasonal films. Maximum smulch a neccessity. Me and my sister have a tradition that we must watch A Mupppet Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve. A classic story, with the added bonus of the Muppets, and Michael Caine! And the classic Marley and Marley song that we always sing along to. But Home Alone, Elf, The Grinch, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Santa Clause, Love Actually, and Jingle All The Way all have to be watched as well.

Forgetting about the 'healthy eating' and getting out the Quality Street, and Christmas biscuits. The huge turkey dinner expertly cooked by my Mum. Always getting the mini screwdriver set in my cracker. Always. The cashew nuts... which we only ever eat at Christmas. The net of chocolate coins that we always get in our stockings. Christmas food is delicious!
Exchanging presents, and watching peoples faces when you've got them just what they wanted. Opening my Marks and Spencer bubble bath from my Nan & Grandad and smiling (even though i only have a shower cubicle). Giving the Dogs their present, and finding they prefer the wrapping paper to what's actually inside.

Then of course in the evening attempting to play games with the whole family, which inevitably ends in an arguement over whether somones cheating or if that deserves a point etc... Having a brandy and then laughing about the whole thing.

I mean, yes this time of year can be stressful. Walking round shops desperatly trying to find a present for my Dad (who is the hardest person to buy presents for ever!) with people everywhere, and endless queues. But when all is said and done, whatever your beliefs to me the best thing about Chrismas is spending a bit of time with the people that you love, and having a bit of fun.

So wherever you are, and whatever your Chrismas traditions are, i hope you have a bangin' December 25th!


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