Friday, 6 May 2011 My Experience

I'd heard quite a lot of bad feedback regarding ordering from the website, but when my local Superdrug sold out of the blush and eyeshadow palette from the Spring Collection i decided to order from the website.... and wished i hadn't.

Around a week after placing my order a package arrived only containing the blush i'd ordered, but including an invoice for the 2 products. I emailed them through their website, and waited. A number of days with no reply, i emailed them again, including a copy of the order confirmation they sent me. No reply. I decided to send them a message through twitter... again no reply!

I then sent them a 3rd quite angry message...and still no reply. It was by this point that i resorted to begging them on twitter to acknowledge my message. Finally i get a response- simply telling me the palette is no longer in stock so they'll refund my money. And that's that.

I wonder would they have even bothered to tell me (or indeed refund me) had it not been for my stalker like persistance. I order online all the time, and it's rare customer service is this disappointing.

I urge anyone who is thinking of ordering from their website to just go to Superdrug instead, and avoid the hassle.

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  1. yes sadly I have had bad service from the website and from calling them! In fact even at the Sleek counter at IMATS they were not very friendly. They need to sort it out pronto!