Sunday, 19 June 2011

Lip Stains: Gosh Vs Revlon

Gosh long lasting lip marker (£6.99)
These come in a choice of 4 shades- i got the shade berry which is a deep pink shade. I like the packaging for this, and the product itself has a nice sweet smell and taste unlike most lip stains. This is easy to use and goes on fairly nicely but despite the name, this just doesn't last & needs constant reapplying. 3/5

Revlon Just Bitten (£7.99 approx)
These come in a choice of (i think) 7 shades- i got gothic which is a rosy red. This has that lipstain smell (like nail polish remover) and when you first put it on it doesn't taste very nice, but it goes on really evenly. It lasts a lot longer than the Gosh one, and the great thing about this is that it has a lipbalm at the other end. Which will stop the stain from drying out you're lips. Overall i prefer this one. 4/5


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