Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Things...

Here are some new things...

I picked up these gel eyeliners from the Topshop make up range in the sale- it cost £5 for all 3- which is a lot more reasonable than the usual prices which are stupidly high.

In Boots Collection 2000 make up was 2 for £5. I got the supersize fat lash mascara (which so far is disappointing), and an extreme felt tip eyeliner in purple (which is really good!). I also bought the new 17 mascara falsifeye which for a drugstore mascara is quite impressive. It also came with a pot of black gel liner.

My love for NYX make up continues and i got another 2 cream blushers in tea rose, and orange. I also got an eyeshadow base in skintone, and an Avon lipstick.

Of course some Hello Kitty!

And some cute shoes from primark. And H&M and Primark earrings.

And lastly, this! How cute is it. It's a plushie milk carton that i got very cheap from ebay...i couldn't resist!



  1. Love this haul! Saw your youtube channel and found your blog that way...I'm glad I did! :) X

  2. Thank you, i'm glad you found me (^_^) x