Saturday, 4 July 2009

July Hauling 1

ok, so today after a long & boring week at work i planned to go to the gym then go on a big spend up at the nearby shopping centre. On returning from the gym and realising it was actually really really hot and too hot to be cooped up in a huge shopping centre i decided to go for the lazy option of going to the local shops down my road instead.

This didn't stop the spending! Oh no, i was determined :)
So, first off i popped into Dorothy Perkins. It's only a tiny one but an accessories stand full of sale items caught my eye.

I got 2 pairs of (huge & colourful) earrings and 2 rings all with 70% of so it cost me £7.10 all together. Very happy, and all great for the summer.

So next up more accessories from Peacocks. Here i decided to fuel my current gold obsession. If it was big and gold i bought it....

My favourite was probably the bangle collection. Really cool and just as nice as the ones i've seen in shops a lot more expensive. And what about that necklace! In the sale for just £4 its like a collar. Full of charms Leaves, flowers, hearts, pearls, roses... really pretty (but very heavy).
On i went feeling i was on somewhat of a roll i headed to boots....

And i'm a sucker for special offers. First of No.7 was on 3 for 2. I've have quite a lot of products from this brand and think the quality is really lovely. i bought a tinted moisturiser for my sister (I already have one and its my essential summer foundation). I got the Limited edition Beach beautiful eye palette. I kind of collect the limited editions from no.7 and the aqua green eye shadow is beautiful (picture doesn't do it justice). I also bought on a whim the instant radiance beauty balm, which claims to be 'an instant pick me up for tired looking skin'that you put on under make up for a healthy glow. I'm looking forward to seeing how that goes.

Also in boots i got a really pretty blusher called 'Bramble frost' from 17. I used to use this range all the time as a teenager, and havent used their stuff in ages, but this blusher is the most gorgeous colour- a really soft peachy pink which i hope will be perfect for my fair complexion. And buying 3 of their products also got me a freebie too. Which was nice.

My last stop was Superdrug.

I've heard so much about the beautyUK palettes from Superdrug. They are under £3 each and each have 10 eyeshadows in. I got palette 1 (everyday pastel colours) & 2 (bright vibrant colours). I wasn't expecting much from them but was intrigued from what i'd heard.Once i got back i did some quick swatches of the colours and already i'm impressed- such strong pigmentation and really nice texture. Wow! good bargain :)

I got a couple of goodies from Sleek also. I can't recommend this brand enough. Cheap, but really good products. The eyeshadow palettes are quite literally amazing and the volume and curl mascara is also a favourite. So i got one of those mascara's in blue for a change and also a face & body highlighter palette in peachy shimmer -the colours are proper amazing can't wait to try.
And last but not least i bought some Bourjois bits (it was 3 for 2 and i'm weak) I got liner glitter fizz which is a liquid liner in a forest kind of green with glitter, and i also got rouge hi-tech water based liptint in 84 rose pixel. This is a beautiful colour and after food and drink it's still lasting on my lips so it gets the thumbs up so far. Woohoo.

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