Saturday, 29 August 2009

August shopping

This month like every other has involved a lot of shopping, but i've made a conscious effort to cut down on the spending so have been trying to find bargains, offers and all that.
I got these from Primark for £4 something and then added my own laces. (i've been waiting to use these laces for ages!)

I got one of the new Maybelline lippies in amber rose which i like a lot. This is the kind of lipstick which is perfect for daytime wear and reminds me a little of pink sand by Estee Lauder. Every time i go into Boots i get a £5 voucher for no.7/ruby & millie and i can't not use it (i have problems!) so i got ano.7 eyeshadow in shocking purple which cost me just a couple of pounds. The colour in the packaging looks amazing but sadly once on as i find with all no.7 eyeshadows the pigmentation is disappointing.

I also got a ruby & millie lipgloss in peach which cost me £6.50. The colour looks lovely but it does go on sheer. The texture is nice enough, but the smell isn't so nice. I am really glad i didn't pay full price for these products.

In Superdrug Bourjois is on 3 for 2 so i got 2 eyeliners. One if them is an amazing 80's electric blue!

I got a really really cute Hello Kitty necklace and earrings set from Argos for £10.39! I love it :) and some cute pearl bracelets from Sainsbury's for £5.

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