Sunday, 13 September 2009

A little review of Sleek pout polish lip conditioner

I've only recently found a Superdrug that stocks these after much searching and i bought 2 shades- electric peach (a coral colour), and pink cadlilac (you guessed it, a pink colour!)

I've been using the electric peach all week since i bought it and i think the product is great. The first pleasant suprise about the product was that the pigmentation was so strong! i was expecting a very sheer colour but you only need to put this on sparingly. It's long lasting, nicely moisturising, smells lovely (like vanilla), nice packaging, and a nice price :-)

The main thing i noticed about these is how very similar they are to the Mac lip conditioners. They are very similar colours (Sleek have 4 colours, Mac have 6 i think), they look the same, smell the same (see comparison pic below). There's really only 2 differences: firstly the Sleek version has a lot stronger pigmentation then the Mac, and secondly the price- Sleek are under £4 and Mac are over a tenner!

Overall, thumbs up to Sleek. A lovely product, that's great value :-)

(L-R: Mac lip conditioner in gentle coral, Sleep lip conditioner in electric peach)

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