Sunday, 11 April 2010

A little review of Pure eyeshadow palette...

This is the Pure eyeshadow palette in No.9 Party. I bought this at Boots in a half price sale for around £5. The Party palette features 5 beatiful vibrant colours. They are a mix of matte, metallic, and some have irridecent glitter in which sadly the camera doesn't pick up.

The eyeshadows are absolutely lovely, and are really easy to use. They have a lovely smooth texture, and are very pigmented. The pictures just don't do the colours justice! When i've worn them they've lasted well all day, and are great to add a touch of colour to a boring natural eye.

If you spot one of these in the shops i definately recommend picking it up. Pure aren't really a brand i'm too familar with, but the products i've tried have been of a impressive quality. The eyeshadows come in a nice smart compact with mirror, and a double ended applicator and brush- which i haven't tried, but it looks a bit better than the usual cheap sponge applicator you usually get.
Overall: i love! 5/5

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  1. I hava couple of these palettes, and I love them! Real good quality! x