Sunday, 25 April 2010

A little shopping trip

So yesterday, me and my sister decided to have a wonder round the shops and enjoy the beautiful weather before going back and spending the afternoon making jelly shots for a party...
Anyway, here's what i bought:

I LOVE the jewellery at River Island. I love anything big, chunky, colourful, unusual, or strange. So when i saw this bracelet it was love at first sight!

I also got this really cute ring, which is lovely and sparkly :)

Next up i went to Dorothy Perkins and got this adorable bow ring. I particulary like the plastic rings like this because the metal ones always make my fingers go green... :/

And then i spied this beauty. It was in the sale for£2 and is huge! is a combination of ring/ weapon and i love it.

As you can see it hides most of my hand when worn haha.

I am obsessed with Hello Kitty, and found some cute sunglasses in a bargain shop for £1.99. I have a bit of a thing for heart shaped sunglasses.

And lastly me and my sister decided to go pick'n'mix mad. I can't remeber thelast timei got pick'n'mix. My favourite are the Spanish Peaches....yum!


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