Thursday, 28 October 2010

A little review of NYC blush

I picked up this blush in Superdrug, for £2.99 and the shade is New York Pink. I haven't really used many things from this brand before so i thought i'd give it a try.
The packaging is quite big and clumpy, nothing amazing, but fine for the price. The blush also comes with a brush, which in my opinion is not really needed.
You get a nice lot of product, with a cute quilted kind of design. The colour is a nice soft shade, and the powder itself is really nice and silky. In terms of pigmentation it's on the light side. When swiped with a finger it seems pretty good, but with a brush you have to really build this product.
But, i really like to use this just to add a touch of pink to my face in the vein of a beauty powder. Think Blush of Youth from Mac's Rose Romance collection. (below)

I actually think both products are very similar. The difference being you get a slightly better pay off with the NYC product. So considering the price i'm suitably impressed, and have been using this quite often. As a blush there's a lot better products out there, but as a beauty powder it's very good.

The lighting is unfortunately making a swatch near impossible!

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  1. Ah, interesting! Thanks, looks like I must take a closer look at this brand. Thanks! x