Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Things...

Here are some new things...

I picked up the new Molten Metal compact from Sleek. I wasn't going to bother with this until i swatched it- it's lovely. I'm looking forward to testing this against my Illamasqua liquid metal. Gosh was also having a sale, so i got a liner and 2 effects powders for £2.49 each.

In Boots 17 make up is on 3 for 2. They have some new mascara's i was interested in trying- Wild Curls, and Photo Flawless which has a 'twist of pearlescent colour to brighten eyes' mine is in black copper. I also got an eyeshadow trio.I cannot recommend their eyeshadows enough. Particularly for the price.

Also in Boots, there was an offer on Models Own- 3 for £10. I got 2 nail polishes in Jade Stone, and Golden Peach, and a lipstick in Coral which is amazingly bright. I also got a Maybelline nail polish in Flash Cosmic which is a pearly white with blue sparkles in.

During the January sale i had a discount code for 25% of at Cherry Culture so decided to take advantage, and get some NYX products. I got a lip lacquer pot in simply red (which is actually a deep dark red that i love), and a concealer in a jar in porcelene.

Also at Cherry Culture i bought 3 NYX cream blushes which were reduced to $6 each (bargain!). I am in love with these, they work prefect on both cheeks and lips.

An lastly, a whole pile of cheap and cheerful (and very lovely) accessories from Primark :)


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