Sunday, 27 February 2011

A little review of Evie Glam blusher from Peacocks

After hearing that clothes shop Peacocks had released a make up line i popped in the other day to have a look. Whilst the lipglosses, and eyeshadow quads looked a little underwhelming this blusher looked interesting. It cost just £3, and is packaged in a very sturdy Benefit style box (although is more compact-which i like).

You get 13.5g of product (Benefit gives you 10g). There is only one shade that i could find, which is a lovely warm coral. Although the colour on the box which is supposed to be a swatch is nothing at all like the blush colour.

Pigmentation is very good (above picture doesn't do it justice) and it blends nicely. The texture although nice, is a little cheap feeling, and my main moan is that it does have chunks of glitter running through it. (Why do cheaper blushers always have glitter in them grr!)
Overall though, for the price i like it: 3/5.

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