Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Very Quick Glossybox Post...

Seeing as you've no doubt read about a million Glossybox posts already, i'll keep this short and sweet.

I've always been quite aloof towards the whole Glossybox thing, especially after seeing a few more than disappointing boxes on various youtube videos and blog posts. But then i saw this months box contained a HD Brows compact full size- £20+ worth of product, and i weakened. I ordered a box, and depending on next months contents i'll see if i stay subscribed.

I'm very happy with what i got, and other than the perfume will use it all. The other thing that intrigued me was the Moa Green Balm. Which after research have found it can be used for dry, itchy skin, bumps, grazes, bites, burns, and after shaving. Which sounds very interesting. I'll shut up about Glossybox now!


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