Friday, 22 January 2010

A little review of Pond's Dry Skin Cream...

During the Snow 'chaos' earlier this month i ran out of moisturiser. My current moisturiser of choice is Lancome, but the Boots by me is very small so just has a small skincare section. I decided to just get a cheap one to tide me over till i could get to a bigger shop, and opted for Pond's Dry Skin Cream which i think was the cheapest at £3.98.

The texture of this is very thick and heavy, i personally prefer a lighter formula. But after even a couple of uses my skin felt so soft- like velvet! The cream was so rich though that it felt almost like i had a sheen to my face- so if you have oily skin like myself i wouldn't recommend it.

I've long had a problem with being allergic to body moisturisers that have a scent- they bring out rashes, so the absolute only one i can use is E45. My face isn't usually so sensitive, but having said that this moisturiser is perfumed. The smell isn't that nice, quite an overpowering old fashioned kind of scent. I'm sad to say after a week of use this brought out eczema along my jawline and i had to stop using it. So, if you do have sensitive skin this one is a no go.

Staying positive, it was great value and did soften my skin hugely!
So overall i give it 2/5


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