Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Spend Vs Steal: Glitter Eyeliners

Around Christmas time i love to get into the spirit of things and wear a bit of glitter and sparkle, and there's no better way of doing that than wearing a glitter eyeliner. There's all sorts of price ranges available. But which are best?

I used to be a make up snob. Yes, i admit it! If something was cheap i automatically assumed it would be a bad quality product and would opt to spend ridiculous amounts of money on lipsticks and foundations because the packaging looked pretty. Recently, i've had to reduce my spending habits and was forced to become more open minded towards 'budget' or more affordable brands. And i have to say i have been quite pleasantly suprised.

I wouldn't think twice about ordering from ELF, who have amazed me with great products at hugely cheap prices. So this led me to invesitgate other cheaper priced brands further. Could they stand against more expensive or 'high end' products and perform just as well? and if so, then why bother spending £20 on a lipstick when i could get a good one for £5?

Here's my thoughts on glitter eyeliners.... spend vs steal:

L-R Collection 2000 Glam Crystals liner in rock chick, shake it up, and funk (£2.99), Urban Decay Heavy Metal liner in pyrotechnics (£12), Too Faced Starry Eyed liner in super freak, and obsessed fan (£13). Below: swatched in same order.

Collection 2000 were a brand i used as a teenager, and since then have never revisited. When it comes to glitter liners they have an impressive selection of 14 colours (compared to 6 from Too Faced, and 5 from Urban Decay). So after many years i bought a C2000 product to give it a try.

When it comes to glitter liners i previously favoured Too Faced- they had good staying power although need a lot of coats for it to show up properly. Urban Decay Heavy Metal liners were always a disappointment for me. They have an awful smell which is reminiscent of the PVA glue i used to use at primary school in the huge bottles, and really didn't show up all that much.

So the C2000 liners? well staying power- brilliant. No bad smell, easy to use, beautiful colours. And best of all- they have amazing pigmentation. A lovely dense glitter that only needs one coat to give maximum sparkle! These liners could quite easily be used alone as a liner where as the other brands would need to go over a normal liner to show properly. I was so impressed i went and bought more colours the next day...

Quite simply in terms of price, value, and quality the Collection 2000 glitter liners have put the other brands to shame. Who'd have thought?!


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